Is there so much traffic in my neighborhood? and WHAT IS JOHN EDWARDS DOING IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE ACROSS FROM MINE??? (maybe i should go get his autograph...)


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Amazing TYP concert sunday. Thanks all who came out! hope you liked it as much as we (the people playing) did!


On another note, am i the ONLY person who knows who Eva Cassidy is?? i always get this blank look when i say i'm listening to Eva Cassidy. holy shit. amazing jazz/blues voice.

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Finally College Count

Mannes College of Music - Rejected
Juilliard School - Rejected
Boston University College of Fine Arts for Music - Accepted
Smith College - Accepted
University of the Arts - Accepted
Pratt Institute - Accepted
Parsons School of Design - Rejected <-- LOL! 
Rhode Island School of Design - Accepted 

Final College Decision: Rhode Island School of Design

Graduation in 16 Days

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Fuck That

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White Noise is an amazing book. close second to Mrs Dalloway. i am so unmotivated to do anything at all. i just want to lie outside and read.

nothing really special today. got $12,000 in scholarship from Pratt Institute. Also got accepted with another $12,000 scholarship to University of the Arts but i'm not going there (still made me happy-ish though!). I learned how to pull shots today at work. well i sort of already knew but now i can do doubles instead of singles. and also. remind me never to drink 10 shots all in the same 30 minutes. i think i just might die next time.....i just realized i forgot to turn in my stats problem set. damnit i had it done during econ class too. and it's amazing. well whatever. 

where is my mail. what.... i think i should skip school and work at the post office.

today has been unbearably long. it is now 1:15AM and i think i'm going to go to bed early.
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WHY IS MY HOMEWORK LOAD NOT GOING DOWN. and i do not understand statistics for the love of god. i am going to seriously fail something tomorrow in that class. maybe 2 things actually now that i think of it. 

also. i hear back from RISD and Parsons this week. someone please just tell me if i'm in and put me out of this misery of waiting for the mailman.  the poor guy thinks i'm probably desperately hitting on him).
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We're gonna rasterbate the picture of P and the Lightsaber into a 30 page poster and stick it on the elevator wall. it will no doubtedly be the coolest fucking thing ever.

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I got into Boston University for Music. I'd be studying with Elizabeth Ostling of the BSO if i go there....hmm tempting indeed.

in other news...there is no other news...some sports team just lost to another sports team. i started my job today and made $15 in tips alone. then afterwards i bought a few cakes and went to ellens house and we had coffee with the cakes. it was a fine day.

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